Evi & Kyriakos' outdoors wedding reception is a vision of purity and elegance. A canvas of total white, adorned with hints of gold, this table decor is a masterpiece in simplicity. Each element, from the pristine linens to the gilded accents, is a brushstroke in a tableau of grace and sophistication. Against the backdrop of nature's beauty, this design is a nod to the timeless allure of love, unencumbered by extravagance, where every detail is a reflection of the purity of their commitment. In this setting, moments are born, laughter is shared, and love is celebrated in its most elegant form. Modern arched wedding invitation bundle. Cream, black and nude tones. Stylishly bundled together with a black teardrop clip.

A tapestry of elegance and enchantment weaves through every detail of this cherished day. From the blush pink arch-shaped stationery that whispers of romance to the sparkly wedding jewelry that shimmers like stars in the night sky, each element is a brushstroke of love's beauty. The rhinestone-embellished Jimmy Choo bridal pumps add a touch of glamour, while the bridal perfume infuses the air with a delicate fragrance that lingers like memories. In these lovely details, the story of a love so pure and radiant unfolds, creating a symphony of moments that will forever be etched in the hearts of all who share this day.

Before the chapel's sacred doors, a blooming wedding arch stands as a gateway to love's eternal promise. Adorned with a cascade of white and pastel pink flowers, each petal whispers of devotion, while the lush greenery cradles the dreams that will soon be united. Against the chapel's timeless façade, this arch becomes not just a beautiful sight, but a symbol of the journey about to begin.

Your wedding day isn't just a celebration; it's an adventure of joy and memories waiting to be crafted. From a great cocktail list that's a toast to love and happiness, to a photo booth corner adorned with a whimsical balloon installation – every moment becomes a piece of your unique love story. Laughter echoes as guests clink glasses, sharing in the merriment. Smiles light up the photo booth as balloons frame moments that will be cherished forever. Amidst the celebrations, your wedding becomes a canvas where fun is painted in every color. These are the moments that weave a tapestry of memories, reminding you that love is not just about the promises exchanged, but also about the laughter shared and the joy that fills every heart.

A wedding should be a blend of beauty and boundless fun! It's not just about picturesque moments but also about the contagious laughter, the dance-offs, and the joy that fills the air. Beauty sets the stage, but fun keeps the party alive. It's the lively beats on the dance floor, the heartfelt toasts, and the spontaneous smiles that make a wedding truly unforgettable. When beauty and fun join hands, it becomes a celebration of love that lingers in the hearts of all who attend. Cheers to weddings that are a perfect fusion of elegance and pure, unbridled fun!


Wedding planning, design & styling: Phaedra Liakou | Photographer: Lefteris Kalampokas | Videographer: Aggelos Lagos Filmmaker | Flowers: Kipos Kalou | Stationery: Love Me Do | Music, Sound & Lighing Production: Nikos Xatziioannidis | Photo Booth: Petit Booth | Linen Rentals: Eventfull Moments | Tableware Rentals: White Lilac | Make-Up Artist: Maria Pagonaki | Hair Stylist: Yianni Hair Spa | Desserts: Exereton | Venue: Ktima Deda