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Afrodite and Alex had an intimate Persian Wedding Ceremony, known as the Sofreh Aghd, in Northern Greece. Among their closest friends and family Greek countryside was the perfect backdrop for an elegant, cultural wedding. Afrodite and Alex's wedding day was beautiful in both austhetic as well as the blending of two cultural families - Persian and Greek.

Perhaps the most important element of a traditional Persian ceremony, the Sofreh Aghd represents elements and blessings for the couple’s new life together. But what Sofreh Aghd is?



Represents bringing light and brightness into the future for the married couple. Traditionally the couple look into the mirror together.


Symbolize energy and clarity in the couple’s life together.

Assortment of seven symbolic herbs and spices

An assortment of herbs and spices are placed on the spread to guard against the evil eye.


A decorative display of flatbread “noon-eh-sangak” symbolizes prosperity for the feasts and couple’s life together. It can be accompanied with feta cheese “noon-o-panir” and fresh herbs.

Almond, walnut,and hazelnut

Also symbolize fertility and abundance.

Seasonal fruits

Usually pomegranates and apples. They represent a joyous future.

Rock candy

Prettified to symbolize a sweetened life for the newlyweds.


Are place on the sofreh spread to represent wealth and prosperity for the couple.


Consumed right as the ceremony is going to conclude. The bride and groom exchange hands (usually with the pinky) dipped in the honey and shared off the hand to represent sweetness for the couple’s life.

Koran, Bible or a book of poetry such as Hafez

Placed on the sofreh aghd to symbolize God’s blessing for the couple. The book is usually opened from the middle and placed on the spread in front of the couple as a symbol of faith.


Are placed on the sofreh aghd and to be shared with the guests after the ceremony concludes.

Sugar cloth

A fine fabric which is held over the couple’s head throughout the ceremony by various happily married female relatives and friends.

Sugar cones

Is used during the ceremony over the couple’s head. Happily married woman rub the sugar cones together over the “ghand cloth” while held over the couple’s head to shower their life + marriage with sweetness.

Wild rue

Is an herb which is burned as part of a ritual (in the coal brazier) +and tradition for purification.

Needle and thread

Symbolizes the ritual of two people becoming one. Symbolizes two families becoming one.

Coal brazier

Is used to burn wild rue (esphand) to drive away negativity and anything evil.

Traditional Persian embroidered cloth

A traditional Persian silk or embroidered cloth handed down from generation to generation to symbolize family and tradition. It is used as a decorative display amongst the rest of the traditional items.

Sofreh overlay

Is the spread used under all of the traditional sofreh items.

I am so proud every time I can be part of such a beautiful moment and tradition! Afrofite and Alex's wedding can’t stop inspiring me. Thank you for choosing Greece and our team to celebrate your love!!!


Wedding planning, design & styling: Phaedra Liakou | Photographer: Lefteris Kalampokas | Videographer: Dimitris Pavlidis Vision Films | Floral Design: Kipos Kalou | Stationery: Manousenia Design | Music, Sound & lighting production: Nikos Xatziioannidis | MUA: Efi Papadopoulou | Hair Styling: Elissavet Makeup and HairStyling | Wedding Dress: Demetrios | Grooms Attire: PELOTE - Sur Mesure | Wedding Cake: Sugarela | Catering: Alsos Catering| Venue: Ktima Mileonas